10th French-Danish Workshop on Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis in Biology

About the workshop...

The 10th French-Danish Workshop on Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis in Biology (or SSIAB10) will take place May 21-23, 2014, in Aalborg. This workshop is devoted to spatial statistics and image analysis and their applications in biology (agriculture, medicine, ecology, environment...).

Attendance is by invitation only. An oral presentation is expected from every participant. We aim at having around 40 participants. We intend to cover the direct workshop costs by funding, but participants must pay for their own travel and own accommodation.

Important dates: The workshop is supported financially by CSGB (Centre for Stochastic Geometry and Advanced Bioimaging), Institut Français Danemark, and FNU (The Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences).
Scientific committee:
Kasper K. Berthelsen, Bjarne Ersbøll, Edith Gabriel, Eva Vedel Jensen, Kiên Kiêu, Antti Penttinen, Martin Schlather
Local organization committee:
Kasper K. Berthelsen, Amra Ibresevic, Jesper Møller, Ege Rubak, Jakob G. Rasmussen, Rasmus Waagepetersen

Venue and hotel

The workshop takes place at Aalborg University in Aalborg East at Fredrik Bajers Vej 7G (room G5-109).

A number of rooms have been reserved at CabInn Hotel in central Aalborg. If you want to use one of these rooms, you have to register for the workshop at the latest at January 13. Note that you have to pay for the hotel yourself, since we do not have the funding for this. This also means that the reservation is binding. You are also welcome to find a hotel by yourself (or even try CabInn at a later date), but do not delay reserving a hotel, as it may be difficult to find a room when we get close to the workshop date.


The program will start in the morning on May 21 and end in the afternoon on May 23. Note that there are 25 minutes for each presentation, including time for questions and time for change between lecturers. There will be a laptop for the presentations, so you may bring your talk on a usb-stick (either pdf or PowerPoint presentations are fine). If you have special requirements, you may also bring your own laptop.

Registration and abstract submission

To register for the workshop, write a mail to amra@math.aau.dk containing the following information: To submit the abstract for your talk, please send a pdf-file (Latex, Word or text-files are also acceptable - we will then convert it) to jgr@math.aau.dk. The abstract should fill up to one A4-page, and should include title, author and abstract. The preferred format: 2.5 cm margins, 12 pt Times New Roman (except title: 14 pt boldface), and no page number.

Social activities

On Wednesday there will be dinner after the workshop, and on Thursday we will have a tour at Lindholm Høje Museum (including dinner).

Also the day after the workshop (i.e. Saturday, May 24) there is carnival in Aalborg (actually North Europe's biggest carnival), so you may wish to stay for weekend if you like to see this. Also there may be some carnival activities around the city center in the evenings on the days of the workshop. For details, see this link.


Some useful information on getting around Aalborg: On Wednesday we will come to CabInn Hotel to guide you to the workshop. Please be at the lobby of CabInn at 7.50 if you wish to join us.

Previous workshops

Contact: Jakob G. Rasmussen, jgr@math.aau.dk